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  • Date Of BirthDecember 3rd, 2018

“Timmy” is a 7.5 mo puppy from my last litter (Henri x Tinder) and is available for the right home in the greater Charlotte, NC area. He is a show quality puppy but my priority is for him to have a great home.

This special guy had a bit of a rough start when he ingested pine shavings and required stomach surgery at 7.5 weeks old. While he was cleared at 9 weeks old, I opted to keep him until I was sure he was a healthy, happy puppy. Since a week after his surgery, he has not had any problems other than some GI sensitivity that is easily controlled. I will share more details and vet records for those who are seriously interested in giving him the perfect home. His cost is $2500 – I charge the same for all my puppies – regardless of age or show quality (or the thousands of dollars already spent on them – in his case).

The right home for Timmy will include at least the following:

  • In the greater Charlotte, NC area (as I want to see him and have him continue to see his existing vet in Charlotte)
  • Willing and able to continue to socialize and train him (he’s bombproof and a very willing worker)
  • A fenced in yard or a family willing to take him on long walks or playdates (he is not a high energy dog but he is not a couch potato either)
  • He does very well with all dogs and cats; he has had limited experience with small children, but I expect he would be very good with them. This puppy has been socialized thoroughly and nothing phases him!
  • I have prepaid for a very thorough health insurance plan for him that will need to be renewed or switched to another carrier on February 25, 2020. This is an absolute requirement that he have a good health insurance plan in place. Although he has not had any problems since he was 8.5 weeks old, I want him covered in the event he has any future problems. His current plan is approximately $850/year.
  • He is currently on an antibiotic for his GI tract that costs about $50/mo. He may need to be on this on and off for the rest of his life. His home should assume he will need this forever. His home should plan on keeping his current diet in place – he gets a combination of dehydrated Honest Kitchen and ProPlan Large Breed Adult kibble.
  • The right home will keep his call name of “Timmy” – there is great significance for me, and I’m happy to explain it
  • Timmy is still working on his house training, so don’t expect him to be perfect – especially in a new environment. He is crate trained. House training will likely need to continue until he’s 8-9 mos old (this is normal for a Swissy puppy)
  • Timmy will need to stay intact until he is at least 2.5-3 years old. This is non-negotiable, as it will give him the best outcome for his long-term health (I require this for all my male puppies).

I know this may seem a bit over the top, but please understand that I love him dearly and am very attached to this boy after having him in my house as my pet for 7.5 mos. I only want the best for him, and I’ll wait for the right home. I wish I could keep him, but I already have three other Swissys (his sister, his mother, and his grandmother), and it would be too much to keep four, as I only keep as many as can live in my house, sleep in my room, and get plenty of attention.

Serious inquiries only. Click here for an application and be sure to mention your interest in Timmy specifically.