"Henri" X "Tinder"

Puppies Born December 3rd!

Breeding Information

12 puppies were born 12/3 - 9 boys (2 are blue) and 3 girls (1 is blue). I am currently accepting applications for this litter - please see below. Tinder was bred to Henri (GCH Matterhorn’s Take It Easy). Henri is Yuri X Minty. You can access Henri’s health clearances on OFA here. Tinder's health clearance information is available on her page.

Note: Henri does have grade 1 elbows. He has never been symptomatic, and there is extensive history of clear elbows in his pedigree. His elbow xrays will be redone in 2019 for another opinion (there wasn’t enough time before the breeding). If you’d like to discuss my thought process behind this breeding, please reach out to me directly via email at firesidegsmd@gmail.com.

I selected Henri for Tinder, as I believe they will be a good match for continued excellent temperaments and great health (given the family health history and exceptional longevity in their pedigrees). Both Tinder and Henri get along well with everyone they meet and have very easy going personalities.

Tinder is the absolute sweetest Swissy I’ve ever met – she does have a very playful and fun side as well. Henri is very sweet but more laid back. I would expect to get normal to lower energy Swissys as these puppies grow into adults – although you just never know!

Puppy Information

All puppies in this litter are spoken for. Please visit the Future Breedings page for more information on my next planned breeding.

My puppies are all $3000. I match every puppy with the best person/family for them based on activity levels/working drive, temperament, personality, and show potential. Fill out an application if you'd like to be considered for a puppy or email me to set up a time to talk or meet me and my dogs.


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    Pink Girl
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    Tinder and Brown Boy
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    Puppy Pile