Recommended For Fireside Swissys


Fresh Choice Complete

Starting in 2019, we are proud to raise our puppies on FreshChoice Complete, an ultra-premium raw diet. Getting puppies started on a high quality, raw diet gives them a great head start to lead healthy lives.


Olewo carrots and beets provide great digestive benefits to Swissys. Ask me if these might be right for your Fireside Swissy.

Michigan Antler Art

Antlers are a fantastic chew toy for Swissys. They are durable, do not typically break into sharp or small pieces, and Swissys LOVE them. Michigan Antler Art is my favorite supplier of antlers for both quality and value.

Upcycled Hound

Upcycled Hound is the maker of fabulous, strong, and high-quality karate belt collars and leashes. These are my favorite leashes for everyday use.

GlycoFlex 3

This is what I recommend for Fireside Swissys starting at 12-18 months old and continuing through their lives. Joint health is important for all large breeds, and GlycoFlex 3 is the best I have found for my own dogs!

Nature's Farmacy

Nature's Farmacy has numerous supplements for dogs that benefit their coat, digestive system, joints, and overall health.

AKC Reunite

Paw Print Genetics

Planet Dog Orbee Balls