"Tinder" GCH Fireside's Let Your Soul and Spirit Fly v Sawmill

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  • Date Of BirthDecember 3, 2014
  • Height25.5"
  • Weight95lbs
  • Owned ByLaura Bullock (Fireside GSMD) & Judy Fletcher

"Tinder" is our newest addition! She is the puppy I kept from the River and Barrett litter, co-bred and co-owned with Judy Fletcher of Sawmill GSMD. One look, and you'll fall in love. The name "Tinder" fits, as she has brought a new spark into the Fireside family. She's extraordinary and really embodies many of the best qualities in her pedigree - a wonderful, affectionate temperament, a playful personality, loads of confidence, beautiful structure, and she's an absolute joy to live with. She has grown into a beautiful girl and a great show dog! She followed in her uncle Hobbs’ and great grandmother Deme’s paws by winning Best Opposite Sex at the AKC National Championship in December 2016. She also won best bred-by – shown to these wins by Laura, her breeder/owner/handler. We plan to breed her down the road pending her clearances in early 2017.

About Tinder

Health Information

Hips: Fair

Elbows: Normal

Shoulders: Normal

CHIC #: 124325

P2Y12 Receptor: Clear

Eyes: Normal, breeder code: Distichiasis

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