"Hobbs" X "Easter"

The Outlander Litter

Puppies Born March 23rd-24th, 2017

Breeding Information

Easter free-whelped nine beautiful puppies on 3/23-3/24 - five boys and four girls.

Easter and her brood are all doing very well and are already growing very fast. I can't wait to get to know each and every one of their personalities as they develop.

Puppy Information

I have many applications for this litter, so at this time, I will not be accepting any new applications. If you need a referral to a good breeder I trust and admire, I recommend you contact either Lori Price, as she is expecting a litter in early April - or Kristin Krumpe, who will hopefully be doing a breeding very soon.

1 Week Pictures

  • Photo 1
    Black Boy
  • Photo 1
    Blue Boy
  • Photo 1
    Pink Girl "Claire"
  • Photo 1
    Purple Girl
  • Photo 1
    Green Boy
  • Photo 1
    Red Boy "Jamie"
  • Photo 1
    Lime Green Girl
  • Photo 1
    Yellow Girl
  • Photo 1
    Brown Boy

Pink Day One

Brown Day One

Purple Day One

Green Day One

Black Day One

Blue Day One

Red Day One

Lime Day One

Yellow Day One

Pink - 2 Weeks

Brown - 2 Weeks

Purple - 2 Weeks

Green - 2 Weeks

Black - 2 Weeks

Blue - 2 Weeks

Red - 2 Weeks

Lime - 2 Weeks

Yellow - 2 Weeks